Guns n' roses yesterdays

But a year and a half later, after more than 120 shows, the band have become a well-oiled, professional, arena-rock machine. Rose has hit the stage on time almost every night, and if there has been any drama behind the scenes, none of it has played out in front of the live audience. Save for a freak leg injury suffered by Rose during the current lineup's first show at the Troubadour in April 2016, the elements of danger and unpredictability have all but disappeared from Guns N’ Roses’ live shows. A few stubborn, old-school GNR fans may lament that fact, but for everyone else, the welcome reality is that it has allowed the band's music to take center stage with no distractions. At the end of the day, it was GNR's phenomenal songwriting, more than their destructive reputation, that hoisted them above their fellow Sunset Strip hard-rock trainwrecks during their formative years — and that songcraft was front and center at the band's first of three .-area shows on Friday, Nov. 24, at Staples Center.

Guns N' Roses YesterdaysGuns N' Roses YesterdaysGuns N' Roses YesterdaysGuns N' Roses Yesterdays

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