La riots burn it down

Jenkins uses deft touches to connect the film with today's times, flashing hashtags like #preach or #alternativefacts under some archival footage to raise pointed questions and underscore perspectives he supports. One powerful moment comes when the film's story turns to 15-year-old Latasha Harlins, a black girl killed by Korean convenience store clerk Soon Ja Du after a fight in the store. Du received five years' probation for the shooting months after the King beating. The film shows increased tensions between black residents and Korean store owners by playing a clip from Ice Cube's incendiary hit complaining about — and insulting — store owners, "Black Korea," then introducing author Jeff Chang to explain how the song impacted him.

Protesters called for De la Rua to step onto the balcony and face the people, shouting, "Come out! Come out!" The shutters stayed shut, and the palace was surrounded by iron barricades and scores of riot police.

"You don't ever hope for a situation like this," McGuinness said. "You celebrate the good times and you prepare for the bad times and that's exactly what we've done. Unfortunately, the tables have turned tonight... We will have to sit down and evaluate exactly what happened here. It's going to be a black mark for a very, very long time."

OKI: Yes. Hi. I was just calling regarding the conversation that is going on right now. I think that Rodney King situation really reminds me of everything that is going on in the United States. I mean, I love this country. I'm a taxpayer; I work. But my concern is that we have to change most of our institutions, you know, the workplace. We are pointing fingers most of the time to the police department, but let's take a look at our workplace, let's take a look at the many institutions and tell me how many, you know, minorities that are there. I think that's, you know, where the conversation should start right now. I mean, in the country, there's a lot of people looking for jobs. There are so many minorities that are educated, and they still cannot find, you know, work. So we have to look at our institutions and change from within, not from outside.

Reporters: A large scale police operation is underway in Birmingham City Centre tonight…They were scenes not witnessed in Liverpool for a generation…After the chaos, the clamp down, the police in the centre of Nottingham reclaiming the city after 2 nights of unrest…The clean-up is underway in Bristol after cars were set on fire and shop windows smashed, as hundreds of people created disorder.

So the Mayor is saying that he is held hostage against law enforcement by street thugs and demonstrators? When this country cannot enforce its laws, it ceases to be a functioning country of laws and becomes a gang-ruled land like Somalia. Does Garcetti want this? Actually, he does not care so long as people vote for him again. The voters should understand to blame him for any riots that happen, as he has suggested them.

BLM has made promoting peace a central part of its mission while still acknowledging the pain, anger and frustration that comes with being black in America. The organization was founded in 2012 following the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman . Since then, countless black men and women have died at the hands of police, and BLM has grown in prominence and expanded its efforts to dismantle systemic racism.

LA Riots Burn It DownLA Riots Burn It DownLA Riots Burn It DownLA Riots Burn It Down

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