Proxima - alpha

The diagram above shows you where Alpha Centauri is, with respect to other nearby stars. It’s like that in the Nearest Stars section of the Astronomical Companion , but from a viewpoint that has moved closer and to a different angle so as to get a better look at Alpha Centauri. Included are stars within 12 light-years from the sun. The glows of light representing the stars are millions of times larger than the stars themselves, which would be microscopically small on this scale.

We’ve had our hopes raised for alien worlds in the Alpha Centauri system before. For example, in 2012 observers reported that they’d found what looked like an Earth-mass planet hugging the orange Sun-like star Alpha Centauri B . But follow-up work by other researchers raised a red flag . The putative planet has since proved to be a subtle “ghost” in the data , created by how the original team sliced up the observations for analysis.

Proxima - AlphaProxima - AlphaProxima - AlphaProxima - Alpha

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