Mami ayukawa 鮎川麻弥 z・刻をこえて

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The story of Zeta Gundam is told through the viewpoint of Kamille Bidan , a civilian teenager and amateur mobile suit pilot whose parents are engineers working for the Earth Federation and the Titans. While traveling to the Green Noa colony to meet his parents, Kamille is insulted by and strikes a Titans officer named Jerid Messa. Following an AEUG attack led by Quattro Bajeerna on the colony to capture a trio of Gundam Mk-II mobile suits undergoing field tests, Kamille takes the opportunity to steal Messa's Mk-II to repel the attack and follows Quattro back to the AEUG mothership Argama . The Titans, under the order of Bask Om, take Kamille's parents in an attempt to force the return of the stolen Gundam Mk-II's. Jerid, unaware of the hostage plot, mistakenly kills Kamille's mother. Because of this, and many other reasons, Kamille eventually joins the AEUG.

Mami Ayukawa 鮎川麻弥 Z・刻をこえてMami Ayukawa 鮎川麻弥 Z・刻をこえてMami Ayukawa 鮎川麻弥 Z・刻をこえて

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