Akiko wada 和田アキ子 夏の夜のサンバ

 · Michiko Maki -- Machi no Tomoshibi (街 の ともしび) ... Agnes Chan(アグネス・チャン)and Akiko Wada ( 和田アキ子 ...

Matsuda used to hold the record of 25 consecutive No. 1 singles and the record for most #1's by a female artist until Hamasaki Ayumi surpassed her in March 2006. She is known for having been reported in many scandals by the media and repeatedly changing record labels. In 2012, she married Hiromasa Kawana, a non celebrity. Many of her Albums were re-released in Blu-spec CD format in 2009. 13 Blu-spec Albums charted the Oricon Top 100 Album Charts at the same time. From time to time, Albums get a re-release and some topping the Oricon Top 300 Charts, for example Pineapple 's release on 2013 charted at 300.

Minamino has performed the theme songs for multiple television series and movies, and her music has been used in many commercials. Following is a list of some of them.

Akiko Wada 和田アキ子 夏の夜のサンバ


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