Cortex - shotgun treatment

The study also looked at several other animals and found raccoons, Tennessee’s official wild animal, have as many neurons as primates.

Movies are hard to make. The times movies put insane work into little things that nobody ever noticed? Who will cry for them?

The M4A1 appears in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Mobile)   under the name of "Primary Weapon" and is used by every character in the game.

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According to an AnandTech report following Nvidia’s August revelations about the Tegra Parker, the SoC is the same mystery SoC used in Nvidia’s Drive PX 2 platform for self-driving cars that Nvidia announced at CES in Jan. 2016. According to Wikipedia , Tegra Parker is also referred to as the Tegra P1.

Nvidia Tegra Parker block diagram
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The Tegra Parker is a 7-wide superscalar SoC fabricated with a 16nm FinFET process, up from 20nm with the Tegra X1, say AnandTech and other sources. The SoC implements two custom ARMv8 Denver 2 cores, evolved from the previous Denver version of the quad Cortex-A15 Tegra K1 SoC, which offered a 64-bit architecture compared to the mainstream 32-bit version of the K1. The Tegra K1 was used on the first-gen Jetson TK1 , which was an SBC rather than a COM.

Shots to the front of the head may simply damage the cerebral cortex which may not be life threatening, so aiming here is inherently more risky unless aimed as such to hit other parts of the brain.

Cortex - Shotgun TreatmentCortex - Shotgun TreatmentCortex - Shotgun TreatmentCortex - Shotgun Treatment

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