Jack johnson - in between dreams

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His band and producer Robbie Lackritz helped him flesh out songs like "Big Sur," a whimsically jazzy track about a camping trip, and "My Mind's for Sale," a relatively gentle Trump takedown ("I heard that six or seven words he likes to use are always in bad taste"). "It's depressing to be part of a country with a leader pulling out of the Paris Agreement," says Johnson, who often finds topical songs easier to write than personal ones. "But it's also inspiring to hear a couple of days later that Hawaii's gonna be the first state to adhere to the Paris Agreement." 

Blacks were subjected to a harsh, abject system of racial segregation and second-class citizenship that was often backed up by lynching and white-instigated race riots where scores of blacks were killed. Clearly, during these years, neither the public, nor its leaders, were much interested in seeing any sort of race mixing or even the hint of it. From the time that Sullivan held the title until Jim Jeffries, who was champion from 1899-1905, no white heavyweight champion would even consider fighting a black, although there were many highly skilled black heavyweights at the time, most notably Peter Jackson. Other very good black heavyweights who were Jack Johnson's contemporaries include Sam McVey, Sam Langford, Joe Jeanette and Denver Ed Martin. Most of the time black heavyweights had to fight each other. Sometimes, when they fought whites (in virtually the entire South, mixed race fights were illegal), it was expected that the blacks would lose or else the fight would be declared "no decision"—in other words, a draw. It was when Jeffries retired as champion in 1905 and tried to engineer a successor that a chain of events were set in motion that eventually permitted Johnson to fight for and win the title.

Jack Johnson - In Between DreamsJack Johnson - In Between DreamsJack Johnson - In Between DreamsJack Johnson - In Between Dreams


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