Maurizio bianchi antarctic mosaic

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Laura and Antonio seem to be living the charmed life. They appear to have everything, but looks can be deceiving. Antonio is no longer able to satisfy his wife and it’s putting their marriage under immeasurable strain. A good friend (and doctor) of Antonio’s convinces him that he needs a little variety and so the affairs begin, successfully. Being caught red handed with an underage girl by Laura nearly pushes everything over the edge but they figure on making one final attempt to save their relationship. Claudio, Antonio’s son, returns home to take over the business so that there won’t be as much pressure from work getting in the way of things. Little changes, and before long Laura and Claudio find themselves experiencing feelings for each other! The situation worsens until the shocking denouement brings closure most final! Bianchi’s use of light and color create strong dramatic moments and, at times, a disquieting dreamlike feeling. The music of the talented Guido and Maurizio De Angeles is top of the line, as always, and so is the fantastic cast. Laura is a tale of passion, obsession, loneliness and desperation; a joyous discovery for fans of Italian erotica that deserves acknowledgment!

After the pioneering days of the race, began the era of Costante Girardengo , who connected his name indelibly to the classic. From 1917 to 1928 Girardengo had a record 11 podium finishes, six times as winner. Subsequent years were marked by the rivalry between Learco Guerra and Alfredo Binda , whose emulation caused them to lose several certain victories. A similar rivalry was the one in the 1940s with the mythical years of Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali , whose duels were the subject of intense coverage and resulted in epic races.

The Asiago Hockey 1935 , is an Italian ice hockey team from Asiago which plays in the Alps Hockey League and formerly Serie A . Not to be confused with the Asiago Vipers (an in-line hockey team from Asiago).

Performance and aesthetic quality in machines that can be integrated into different contexts, also in the most sought after and exclusive environments.

Maurizio Bianchi Antarctic MosaicMaurizio Bianchi Antarctic MosaicMaurizio Bianchi Antarctic MosaicMaurizio Bianchi Antarctic Mosaic

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