Various unfound ep

The first 78s that really hooked me were the dance orchestras and jazz bands of the 1920s.  Don’t ask me why I was so powerfully drawn to this music of my grandparents’ time.  I have no idea.  And since I was at first completely isolated from other collectors and had no information, no books, no discographies, I learned from the ground up.  I bought a lot of records on mere chance.  Very few of the names were known to me.  Fortunately at that time you could buy second-hand 78s very cheap, ten cents to a quarter, usually.  There were lots of them around, stacked up in Salvation Armies or in big second-hand furniture stores.   Only in big cities like New York and Philadelphia were there any shops that specialized in selling “out-of-print” old records.  I was living in a small town when I first started, far from any big city. I had very little money, but collecting 78s was a cheap hobby back then.

discaholic interview R Crumb , feb – march 2013 . Photo © Sebastien Gokalp - Do you consider yourself as an official discaholic? Has the discaholic bug bitten you?

Various Unfound EPVarious Unfound EPVarious Unfound EP

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