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When LEGO Ideas was known as CUUSOO, users had to be 13 years or older to create an account, but 18 years or older to submit a project. Since April 30 2014, users still have to be 13 years or older to create an account, but now all users have the chance to submit a project. If the project creator is under 18, they require parental permission for their project to be produced if it passes the review.

1550s, "a castaway" (rare), from reject (v.). Modern use probably a re-formation of the same word: "thing cast aside as unsatisfactory" (1893); "person considered low-quality and worthless" (1925, from use in militaries).

  1. left unoccupied or unused picked up the rejected toy to see what was wrong with it Synonyms of rejected derelict , deserted , desolate , disused , forgotten , forsaken , abandoned , vacant , vacated , void Words Related to rejected ignored , neglected , unattended , untended ; castaway , cast-off , discarded , jettisoned , junked , refuse , waste ; godforsaken , miserable , shabby , wretched ; empty , idle Near Antonyms of rejected reclaimed , recovered , redeemed , rescued , retrieved , salvaged , saved ; reconditioned , rehabbed , rehabilitated , restored ; repeopled

    Please also note that any postage or customs fees due upon your package's arrival are your responsibility to pay. I make out the customs slips to hopefully avoid any surcharges at the recipient's end but I am not responsible for the fees if they do occur. By placing an order via Suz' Sugar Gliders, you are accepting the terms as outlined above. 

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