Simple minds new gold dream / sparkle in the rain

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Side A
1. “Someone Somewhere in Summertime” – Not my favorite song on the LP. Mel Gaynor was the drummer for the song, with Kenny Hyslop and Mike Ogletree being the other session drummers for the record.
2. “Colours Fly and Catherine Wheel” – This tune has a subtle funk flavor. Would make a good dance tune.   http:///sm/songs/ngd/  : Originally called Arpeggio Song after Mick’s distinctive arpeggio synths, it was fused with Charlie’s Skyscraper Guitar Riff and the basis of Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel was born.
A “Catherine Wheel” is a flat, spiral firework. When nailed to a tree and lit, the firework spins on its axis, giving off a circular stream of coloured sparks and light. (Well, that’s the theory anyway). “When I look back I feel incredibly lucky because not only did we have Charlie Burchill to write with but Derek Forbes our bass player. [He was] essentially as good a guitar player – maybe better in the early days than Charlie was. But Derek was coming up with these bass lines which were as melodic as any lead guitar line. And Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel is really Derek at his best.” – Jim, Sunday Herald interview, 2008.
3. “Promised You a Miracle” – Not my favorite studio song, but the live version is better. The way the song sounds to me sounds as if it was written by computer, but it wasn’t. The vocals were not recorded that well, they sound like annoying mumbling. From wikipedia: https:///wiki/Promised_You_a_Miracle It was released as the first single from New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84). It was the only song on the album that included Kenny Hyslop as the studio session drummer. “Promised You A Miracle” is a dance track which is driven by a combination of “deep electronic beats” from the keyboards of Mick MacNeil and a “deft hook line and riff” courtesy of Charlie Burchill’s guitar play. It was considered by Jim Kerr to be the first “pure pop” song written by the band, as their first attempt to craft a song specifically for radio listeners. The song is considered to be a bridging point between the atmospheric and “echo-laden” New wave sound of Sons and Fascination and the stadium pop-rock of the band’s later years, due to the clean, crisp production of the band’s new producer Peter Walsh.
4. “Big Sleep” – This song has the feel of a Euro or German club. It also seems somewhat like it could be used as a soundtrack.
5. “Somebody Up There Likes You” – This is an instrumental that I could call “Euro Chill”.  http:///sm/songs/ngd/  The song was based around the Mahler Chords, an idea Charlie developed whilst jamming in a Fife farmhouse for the New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) album.
“We had words for Somebody Up There Likes You but we took them off – we felt that the music spoke more than the words did. Up until then, Simple Minds always had this ambient side” – Jim, Sunday Herald interview, 2008. “We were recording in Shepherds Bush (London) and staying a couple of miles away in Bayswater. Everyone made their own way to the studio and most days I would walk up through Holland Park, over the roundabout, and on up to Goldhawk Rd, where the local market was always in full swing. At least once or twice a week I would be accompanied by George Golfi, a friend of the band, great supporter, absolutely full of life type. We would stop at a cafe on our way, but George always insisted we also stopped and looked in the window of the garage/showroom that sold antique cars. He was passionate about the design of those admittedly beautiful machines, personally I couldn’t have cared less. We were on a weekly wage of £35 at the time, and none of us owned a car or driving licence. In terms of gadgets I was delighted enough with my recently purchased Sony Walkman. Using it constantly, whenever I put it down George would immediately grab it and flip inside a cassette that had an instrumental tune written mostly by Mick MacNeil. It was called Somebody Up There Likes You, and George would tell us that we we’d be nuts not to include it on the album we were in the process making. He was of course right. George is no longer with us, but every time I hear this track it is him that I remember. It is a beautiful piece of music and George knew beauty when we came across it.” – Jim, 2nd August 2016

Simple Minds New Gold Dream / Sparkle In The RainSimple Minds New Gold Dream / Sparkle In The RainSimple Minds New Gold Dream / Sparkle In The RainSimple Minds New Gold Dream / Sparkle In The Rain

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