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One key change is the new steering wheel: thick rimmed, fat-spoked, huge in diameter and dressed in oversized multifunction buttons. Leather and wood trimmed in base spec, the Luxury’s version is both hand-stitched, heated and has die-cast paddle shifters. Kitchy Americana perhaps, but perfectly befitting the 300C’s character.

The Grand Award Record Label was formed in 1955 in Harrison, New Jersey. The President of the label was orchestra leader Enoch Light. The label produced pop, jazz and gospel music. The subsidiary labels were Audition, Colortone, Command Performance and Waldorf Music Hall. Grand Award and all of it's subsidiary labels were acquired by Am-Par Record Corporation in October 1959. ABC-Paramount continued to use the Grand Award label sporadically at least to 1966. Enoch Light was head of A&R for Grand Award after the purchase by Am-Par.

The early Grand Award label was black with silver print, although some issues are known with maroon labels. This changed to blue with silver print. After ABC took over, several albums were reissued in a new 200 series using an orange label with black print.

The story and discography was developed using our record collections, The American Record Label Directory and Dating Guide, 1940-1959 , Schwann Catalogs from 1955 to 1976, a Phonolog from 1962 and discographical information on Spaced Out: The Enoch Light web site.

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The permanent collection at the University of Chicago's Smart Museum has more than 10,000 objects ranging from ancient Chinese artifacts to works by Francisco Goya and Henri Matisse. Admission is free.

1520s, "an accursed thing," from Latin anathema "an excommunicated person; the curse of excommunication," from Greek anathema "a thing accursed," originally "a thing devoted," literally "a thing set up (to the gods)," from ana- "up" (see ana- ) + tithenai "to place," from PIE root *dhe- "to put, to do" (see factitious ).

Originally simply a votive offering, by the time it reached Latin the meaning had progressed through "thing devoted to evil," to "thing accursed or damned." Later applied to persons and the Divine Curse. Meaning "formal act or formula of consigning to damnation" is from 1610s.

Anathema maranatha , taken as an intensified form, is a misreading of the Syriac maran etha "the Lord hath come," which follows anathema in I Cor. xvi:22, but is not connected with it (see Maranatha ).

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Various - Razzmatazz '10Various - Razzmatazz '10Various - Razzmatazz '10Various - Razzmatazz '10

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